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Lateral File Unloading Policy Electrocoat
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Most of the items we paint onsite can be painted with the contents in place. We make exceptions to this policy when the safety of our employees is in jeopardy or when our process may damage the unit or its contents.

In the case of lateral files we have experienced damage to the case of the unit in the form twisting or tweaking when the unit is being loaded or unloaded from the dolly that is used to move the unit to and from the painting area. This results in the unit twisting out of square and causing the drawers to fit poorly and the drawer slides not to function properly.

Another concern is the obvious problem of unloading these units after they have been painted. As you can imagine unloading a unit weighing several hundred pounds from a dolly without touching any of the painted surfaces can be tricky to say the least. With vertical files you have handles to hold that allow you to maneuver them after they have been painted. Laterals do not have the same type of handles and must be lifted from the bottom of the unit. This requires someone putting their fingers under the unit and lifting. As a precaution for our employee’s safety we do not allow them to lift a loaded unit.

If the customer does not want to unload the laterals they can be painted in place. This may result in some of the side not being painted. Another option is to position the units so all sides can be painted and then reposition the units after they are painted. We advise the units cure for 24 hours after they have been painted before they are relocated to avoid possible damage to paint finish when moving them back into place. There may be an additional charge for the crew to return and reposition the files at another time.

One last note on this issue. Many years ago when laterals were first coming unto the painting scene we would occasionally paint them loaded. During the process of unloading a 5 drawer lateral from the painting dolly after it was painted it fell over. This was not a pleasant site. While our insurance company covered the damages for this incident they concluded that if we continued to handle laterals in this manner they would consider us negligent and not cover future incidents. Further, it was our opinion that it was only prudent to avoid this type of inconvenience to our clients and to us.

It is our goal to provide our customers the best possible service with the least amount of inconvenience possible while providing a safe and practical working environment for our employee's.

All of the paints and solvents we use will have a flash point of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any solvents on the job site will be stored in safety cans designed for such use. All waste will be removed from the job site.

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