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Electrocoat provides our customers with a complete range of workstation products.

Remanufactured Teknion TOS and Haworth
Choose a "grade-A" top-of-the-line product at a fraction of the cost of new.

Electrocoat has been servicing accounts nationwide for the past 26 years. We specialize in purchasing quality office cubicles in good condition in quantities of 100 stations or more.


Customer Responsibilities Electrocoat
Home Customer Responsibilities

In an effort to insure the completion of your refurbishing program with a minimum of inconvenience to your normal daily routine, Electrocoat has prepared a list detailing the customers responsibilities in preparing their office for an onsite painting project. If after reviewing the list, there are any questions regarding any of your responsibilities or procedures, please do not hesitate to call. With your corporation, Electrocoat will complete your refurbishing project timely and with a minimum of inconvenience to your normal routine.

  1. Designate a person in charge who can identify the furniture to be refinished, approve changes in the purchase order, and sign daily inventory count sheets.

  2. Clean the tops of all units to be refurbished (i.e. paperwork, typewriters, computer terminals, etc.)

  3. Clean area underneath units to be refurbished (i.e. desks, tables, etc.)

  4. Unload large cabinet units (i.e. lateral files, storage cabinets) (also see File unloading Policy) and units requiring the filing area to be painted (i.e. bookcases, open shelving units).

  5. Unbolt units (i.e. bank of cabinets bolted together, open shelving units bolted together) that require disassembly to be painted.

  6. Remove magnetic record tapes from units to be painted.

  7. Any units where the painted surfaces may be exposed to heavy usage (i.e. tops of files, bookcases, open shelving, etc.) should not have those surfaces subjected to regular service for 24-hour period after painting.

  8. Schedule adequate ventilation and/or heating or cooling to be on during Electrocoat's working hours. Ventilation should remain on six hours after completion of painting to ensure all odor is dissipated from the area.

  9. Provide Electrocoat's workmen access to and from the building during their working hours.

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