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Electrocoat has prepared this information sheet to help our customers understand the procedures involved with onsite electrostatic painting applications. The issues addressed are the ones our customers usually have questions about. If you have any questions after reviewing this sheet please contact us for more detailed information. It is our goal that you understand the processes involved so there are no surprises once the project begins. Additional customer responsibilities are described in the Customer Responsibilities section.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: The paint product we use is a non-toxic product when used with proper ventilation, but it does have an odor that most people consider offensive. For this reason we strongly recommend that the painting take place after normal business hours. If the customer desires the painting to be performed during normal business hours or when there are people working in the building we will require the customer to pay a minimum charge if we are asked to discontinue operations because of odor complaints. The FDA has approved this product for use in food service areas. MSDS forms are available upon request.

This product needs a constant temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit to adequately cure overnight for use the next day. Temperatures below 65 degrees can seriously compromise the performance of the product. If we are asked to apply paint below 65 degrees our customer will be required to sign a waiver releasing us from product performance warranties.

Most of the units painted in the evening are available for normal use the next day. Some exceptions are units such as shelving and open bookcase where the painted surfaces could be subjected to scuffing or marring from items being loaded on them. We recommend whenever possible these types of units as well as any items that are to be transported be allowed to cure one extra day.

SECURITY: It is the customerís responsibility to provide notice to the department personnel, security personnel, building management, and any other entities that require notification of our painting hours or building access. We will need access to all work areas and clearance to enter and leave the building.

PAINT FINISH PROBLEMS: The most common problem we incur is called "lifting". This condition is the result of our paint pulling up the finish we are painting over. The appearance will result in a wrinkled or blustered look to the surface of our finish after application. This is caused when the surface we are painting over is not sufficiently adhered to its substrata, and our paint lifts that finish when it is biting in and adhering. This is usually the result of poor surface preparation or the use of a low quality paint product previously applied. While this problem usually only occurs on pieces that have been repainted it can occur on factory finishes as well. Because it is virtually impossible to identify poor adhesion to a substrata Electrocoat assumes no responsibilities for lifting when it occurs. If the customer chooses to have the surfaces repaired an additional charge will be incurred.

HEALTH / SAFETY: Our product is non toxic when used with the ventilating system operating. Local and State codes also require that the ventilating systems operate when we are working. Because of this our crews are instructed to discontinue operations if the ventilating system is not operating. The customer will incur a minimum charge if our crew cannot work because of lack of ventilation. We suggest that the ventilation system operate for 12 hours after we complete the painting process to ensure complete dissipation of the paint odor. All of the paints and solvents we use will have a flash point of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any solvents on the job site will be stored in safety cans designed for such use. All waste will be removed from the job site.

All of the paints and solvents we use will have a flash point of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any solvents on the job site will be stored in safety cans designed for such use. All waste will be removed from the job site.

UNLOADING EQUIPMENT: The customer is required to remove all items from the work surfaces and underneath all units they want painted. Most items can be painted with all filing and contents in place. However, some types of units must be unloaded to be handled safely or to avoid damage to the unit when being loaded or unloaded from our painting dollies. An example of units that must be unloaded are lateral files (see lateral file unloading policy) and storage cabinets. If the customer does not want to unload these items then they can be painted in place in which case all sides of the item may not be painted. Another option is to position the units so all sides can be painted and then reposition the units after they are painted. We advise the units cure for 24 hours after they are painted before they are relocated to avoid possible damage to paint finish when moving them. If our employees are to relocate the units after this 24-hour period an additional charge will apply.

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